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  • Cherie Smith

    Very proud of all her achievements

    Jun 19 at 10:02am

  • Clayt Kapua

    At least smile then lol..

    Jun 19 at 08:29am

  • Julie Thompson

    Awesome Val! You did it again!

    Jun 18 at 08:26am

  • Eranga Prasad

    Zidane is a true legend he's my favourite player of all time

    Jun 17 at 10:58pm

  • Keyur Anjaria

    She is THE most wonderful athlete I have ever seen. I can't say I love her...but, close....

    Jun 17 at 09:32pm

  • Mey Chea

    Hes a legend! Favourite player. Eranga

    Jun 17 at 08:39pm

  • Shane Young

    U GO GIRL' U DA BOMB. very proud of ya

    Jun 17 at 09:24am

  • Helen Ormsby


    Jun 17 at 07:54am

  • A Tarnz Datsme

    Awesome val

    Jun 16 at 08:47pm

  • Brandon Amoamo

    Go Val!

    Jun 16 at 05:56pm

  • Robert Grant

    You the girl VAL

    Jun 16 at 12:35pm

  • Ko Hosea Ahau

    I really want my sons to win the amazing spiderman 2 because they love the franchise and seen all previous movies.

    Apr 24 at 11:40pm

  • Rohan Adarkar

    Thanks for the Leonard Cohen tickets for the Auckland show last night! The very last show of the 5 year long tour. Loved the experience and seats. You're a good sort Visa!

    Dec 22 at 03:27pm

  • Leiyoi Hepi

    I would like to win i just love the lion king

    Nov 28 at 02:22pm

  • Deirdre Hankins

    Is there a presale code for the Dame Kiri concerts?

    Nov 1 at 09:17am

  • Nikita Shah


    Oct 23 at 07:52am

  • Cynthia Ta'ala

    R there Pre-sale tickets for the Auckland NRL 9s?

    Sep 20 at 09:24pm

  • Caroline Barron

    A big thank you to Steven Marrinan and the team at Visa Entertainment for the family pass to Kelly Tarlton's. We had a fantastic day!

    Aug 2 at 09:14am

  • Lisa Ireland

    Yay got our tickets !!!!!! See in Dunners Steve Tyler xxxx Going with my gf Julienne Marchant

    Feb 27 at 11:52pm

  • Stayc-Jane Walker-Brook

    Hope there will be alot of Comps for Aerosmith!!!!!

    Feb 26 at 11:55am

  • Mariette Simpson

    Thanks for the Madagascar DVD, the kids are thrilled!

    Feb 7 at 05:02pm

  • Murray Shadbolt

    Thanks for the Ice Age DVD. It's sure to keep the kids entertained for the rest of the school holidays.

    Jan 22 at 09:04pm

  • Julie Bowe

    Thanks for the Rod Stewart CD. It arrived today. Will look forward playing it for next Xmas.

    Jan 18 at 06:33pm

  • Lynette Chin

    Thanks Visa Entertain for my CD that I received today, just in time for our summer roadie.

    Dec 19 at 12:57pm

  • Andrea Skews

    Robert Plant? Woop woop, are presales happening?

    Dec 4 at 11:36am

  • Heather Simpson

    i really want to win the trip to sydney to c lady gaga :O it would be a dream come true!no joke!. My dad entered fingers crossed he wins :) good luck to all the people who entered xxx

    Jul 12 at 05:18pm

  • Brianna Lee Dobbie

    i so want Justin Bieber tickets ! cant wait :)

    Dec 4 at 09:51pm

  • Erin Leigh

    Woohoo, got the tickets on Visa... Here's hoping to win this awesome prize so all the famdamily can come! :)

    Dec 3 at 03:50pm

  • Javani Toki

    woooooooooooo nitro circus is cuming to nz piece Travis

    Nov 26 at 08:29pm

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